My Experience

With a wealth of experience in media and communication, I possess a diverse skill set that can elevate your projects. Here's a glimpse of what I bring to the table:

Content Creation and Promotion:
I have honed my craft in writing diverse content types, including compelling news articles, thought-provoking interviews, insightful reports, well-researched policy briefs, and engaging essays. Moreover, I am skilled in developing and promoting multimedia content across all the different social media platforms. From captivating graphics and infographics to interactive quizzes and inspiring quotes, I can effectively reach and engage different kinds of audiences.

EU Policy Expertise:
Monitoring and analysing EU policies and laws is part of both y academic and professional background. I have an in-depth understanding of the European decision-making landscape, allowing me to navigate complex regulations and craft communications that align with the latest policy developments.

Online Campaigns and Event Organisation:
As a communications professional, I have drafted numerous successful online campaigns that have garnered attention and achieved desired outcomes. Additionally, I am experienced in organising both virtual and in-person events, ensuring seamless execution and memorable experiences for participants.

Diverse Knowledge Base & EU-Funded Projects:
My educational background and extensive volunteer and work activities have equipped me with broad knowledge in crucial areas. I am well-versed in Online Disinformation, European Law and Policies, Human Rights, Health, Wellbeing, Media Literacy, Gender Equality, International Affairs, Sports, Education, Environment, Youth, and Sustainable Development. This expertise allows me to tackle projects from various angles, ensuring a well-informed and comprehensive approach. I have also used this diverse knowledge to help many EU projects achieve and promote the planned outcomes.

Client-Centric Approach:
Above all, my commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach ensures that your specific needs and goals are met. I am dedicated to understanding your vision and tailoring my skills to deliver outstanding results that align with your brand and objectives.

If you're looking for a media and communication expert who can breathe life into your projects, drive engagement, and foster meaningful connections with your target audience, then look no further. Let's collaborate to create impactful campaigns that leave a lasting impression. Contact me today to explore the possibilities at:

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